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We are always looking for the optimal transport solutions for our clients all over Europe, with particular emphasis on quality and closeness. We achieve this due to our devoted staff, and excellent market and business know-how.We use our own modern transport fleet in order to ensure the best possible cargo transportation, delivery and performance results across Europe, with the compliance to the highest safety and environmental requirements. To guarantee the accurate “just in time” delivery, all our transport units are under the supervision of our forwarder group around the clock.

By using modern traffic management systems, we have the advantage of continuously monitoring both the exact position of our vehicles and our drivers’ work-rest schedule, the estimated time of arrival, and the vehicle route.

This constant flow of information ensures a fast response and customer notification about unforeseen circumstances, or potential delays, before it creates trouble you as a client. Our fleet consists of a broad range of trailers, such as hanging meat trailers, two-chamber trailers (2 temperature) , double deck trailers, flower dimension trailers, this helps us provide extreme flexibility to the client as well as the company itself.

All trailers have temperature recording devices that enable the continuous monitoring of transportation temperature and recording.