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Kaj Madsen Kaunas A/S remains one of the companies with very high environmental standards. This means that the company constantly develops and improves its environmental requirements. The company is constantly updating its fleet, and is focused on achieving the very best environmental requirements, which currently is the Euro 6 standards. At this moment 90 % of the fleet is currently Euro 6 standards at Kaj Madsen Kaunas A/S.

We do not use vehicles with the environmental category below the Euro 5 standard

Kaj Madsen has in 2012 bought Huckepack trailers for environmental-/ and CO2 friendly
Rail/Road transports mainly between Italy and Denmark/Germany.

Furthermore we have the opportunity to document the environmental, impact for individual journeys using easy readable forms.

Our administration has been equipped with a new document scanning system with electronic customer invoicing capabilities, enabling easier handling of various documents such as invoices.

At Kaj Madsen Kaunas A/S we are highly concerned about the quality of our work and services, which is also supported by the fact that we have been approved with a ISO 22000 certificate. Furthermore, we have also received and IFS Approval.

But we also have our particular focus, that is concentrated on the following criteria:

• No-delays, and always on time • Specified temperatures, and no temperature fluctuations • Full deliveries, and no shortages • If there are delays, it is Kaj Madsen Kaunas A/S who notifies the client and not vice versa. • We perform only transport tasks where we can ensure high quality – quality has the upper hand against volume.
We only carry out transport and logistics services in accordance with all requirements of the CMR convention for road transportation.

Kaj Madsen Kaunas is also a member of the Green Network business network.

The Green Network business group comply with the four requirements of the CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility), which include the environment, workplace environment, social responsibility and health. Some member companies work with all four at once, while others focus on selected individual areas.